After years of personal growth through street photography projects in Israel and around the world, I'm here to give you all of  me. 

It all takes place in the street photography course, built with the widest scope of study hours in the country. The course is sewn each time in accordance with the spirit of consciousness and the technique with which you come to us. Focusing on each individual and her/his abilities and to teach them how to use the tools that will carry them through life.  

Enhance your Motivation. Improve your creative and self-confidence. Improve your performance. Come face to face with inspiration. Learn to face limitations. Allow yourself to be swept by the moment. See the light. Increase the pace. Breathe. Leave your comfort zone and get excited like a child. Get emotional. Fall in love with life. Discover simplicity.

And move onto your next chapter. Be braver and better than yourself! 

We believe in a long and fundamental process of patience. There is nothing in the world that can not be achieved or turned into reality.  You have it all within you, we are merely here to help you reveal it to the world.