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Shai Ashkenazi is a master of street photography, his endless archive of photographs tell the stories of our humanity. Shai specializes in Black and White street photography, using gods gift of light to create a moment far beyond the ordinary. For as long as Shai can remember, his Leica has been an extension of his arm, he approaches and views life through a lens, and with both his heart and his camera manages to capture fleeting moments of time.  


For the last 21 years Shai has embarked on a journey together with his camera. Hand in hand,  they have travelled to some of the worlds most exotic countries, walked through bustling streets capturing moments of the people of our universe. For Shai, photography is far more than having “the eye”, recognizing the “decisive moment” or telling a story of pain, strength, joy or love. Photography runs through his veins and is the very air which he breathes. For Shai, photography is a way of LIFE. 

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